Monday, January 9, 2012

Blooming Envelopes from THE BIG ASS BOOK OF CRAFTS 2

 Last week at the CAFAM (The Craft and Folk Art Museum) 150 of us made 2 versions of my blooming envelopes together.  We crafted under the stars and enjoyed each other's company.  I was truly in heaven being surrounded by my creative peers.  Today I thought I'd share one of the projects with you in hopes that you'll make them yourself and spread the love!
BTW, if you've seen the cost of greeting cards these days, I'd say something like this would cost at least 5 bucks.  Handmade is so much better!

Scissors (basic Fiskars work well on all types of  paper)
5 sheets of paper in different matching colors from STAPLES (great selection!)
1 office fastener
Elmer’s glue stick
Address sticker label
 1.    Using the patterns provided, cut out your pieces.  Make sure to cut two of the center disk, one for your address label on the outside of the envelope and one for the center of your envelop.
 2.    Fold your pieces so that they fit one inside of the other.
 3.    Line up all the pieces with one of your disks in the center.
4.    Cut a hole with your X-Acto knife through all of the layers.
 5.    Push your office fastener through and unfold the ends.
6.    Cut out your card with the excess paper.
7.    With your glue stick, glue down a 2nd flower disk on the outside of the envelope to cover the ends of your office fastener or use a sticker label for your address label.
This is the pattern you'll need for the center of the card.  Make it after you've cut and folded the others so you know the size to make it.

Patterns for the 2 inner flowers: The flower should be almost 8 1/2" from end to end.

Patterns for the two outer layers: Make this as large as you can on your copy machine.


  1. This is so pretty! Who wouldn't want to get a blooming envelope instead of a store bought card.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I think I will try this.

  3. This is such a great idea. Adapting it to a Poinsettia or Christmas Rose for the holidays would be fun. I'm going to have to try this one!