Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cardboard Christmas Balls DIY!

Do you have some cardboard boxes hanging around that need a little overhaul?  Of course you do!  Trace out some circles and grab your craft stash and let's get started making some Christmas Balls.  
Blue and gold is my favorite holiday color combination.  My mom was always trying to stay away from traditional colors in our holiday decorating with the exception of one year she lost her mind and decided  EVERY color would have to do. 
Here's the how-to video 
You'll need:
Straight pins
Large cup
Thin ribbon
2" thick ribbon
Gold spray paint
Elmer's glue 
Trace 6 circles per ornament 
 Cut 5 of them exactly in half
 Glue one half to the center of the full circle using hot glue
 Glue two more 1/2 circles on each side of the 1st half
 So it looks like this
Repeat on the other side 
Spray paint the entire ball with the gold spray paint 
 When dry, glue along the edges and dip in glitter

 Let dry for about 25 minutes
 Tie a bow with the large ribbon and a loop with the small ribbon and secure it to the ornament with a long straight pin
Here you go!
A whole ornament chapter in THE BIG ASS BOOK OF CRAFTS 2!


  1. If you use double sided tape on the edges, you don't have to use wet glue to add glitter to these! I figured that out when I made my cardboard ornaments on Craft Wars! I hate waiting for things to dry...