Monday, February 11, 2013

Recycled "I HEART YOU" Garlands

It's true, I have a hard time tossing out old magazines.  Stacks of magazines make me sad because I know that they could become everything from bowls of paper beads, a super cool collage or even a Valentine's Day"I HEART YOU" Garland.  For my Valentine's Day party this year, I'm decorating with tons of garlands made from magazine pages and a few pieces of red paper.  Instead of buying tons of glitter hearts and pink streamers I'm going to use what I have to make the party magical.  Even if you're having a small dinner for two, these paper garlands will make the night a little more special.  Just don't get them too close to your candles.  Happy Valentine's Day!
Garlands on my patio (Sounds like a country song)
Here's the video
Here's the quick how-to
A little up close shot
Red paper
Magazine pages
Sewing machine
Red thread (if you have it)
Rip out a stack of 5 pages 
Cut them in half 

Fold the stack of 5 pages in half 
Cut out stacks of stars 
Cut out small stars from the red paper 
Alternate stitching red hearts and stacks of hearts  
Finish with 3 red hearts for your tail

Fold open the stacks of hearts to give them dimension and then hang.
If you really want some fun recycled paper crafts, grab a copy of  my book 

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