Saturday, February 16, 2013

He Crafts She Crafts: Black Plate Special

We're back with another installment of He Crafts She Crafts and I'm seriously excited about this post.  There are a few things that I truly love in this world and the work of the designer Piero Fornasetti is one of them.  Many of his home decor designs used images of an early 20th century opera singer named Lina Cavaliere.   I think he had a "thing" for her!  I'm also madly in love with my friend Stephenie who writes this He Crafts She Crafts blog with me.  For this post, we trolled the dollar store and found some amazing square black plates which I thought would be perfect for some wall decor.  Stephenie turned her square black plate into a beautiful cake plate by adding a stand.  Fantastic!  Check out how she made hers at  I gave my plate some Fornasetti images and turned it into a terrific wall hanging.  BTW, leave a comment on our 
blogs for a chance to win some amazing goodies!  
Inexpensive plates make a great canvas
Here's my how-to video
Plates are also a terrific way to decorate your home without spending a fortune!
These were one dollar each at my local 99c store.
Stephenie took the same plate and created an embellished stand for it.
She has a way of making everything look effortless and beautiful.
Learn how she made this at

Print out of Lina Cavalieri (below)
White glue
Acetate print out of butterflies (images below)
Gold Krylon Spray Paint
Minwax Clear Aerosol Lacquer
Small dish for your glue
Click on this image and drag it to your desktop to print on plain paper
Images of butterflies to use.  Take a print out of this to your copy shop and have them print it on a clear sheet of acetate.
Cut out your image 
Spray paint one side of the acetate print out
with the Krylon Metallic Gold and let dry.
You'll end up with wonderful metallic gold butterflies.

Carefully cut out the butterflies.
Spread a thin layer of glue on the back of your image of Lina.
Carefully position her on your plate and let dry.
Press out any bumps and make sure that your image is smooth.
Add your butterflies with a thin layer of glue and let dry.

When your images are dry, coat the entire plate with 2-3 coats of the Minwax Clear Aerosol Lacquer.
Wait at least 10 minutes in between coats.
This will give it a nice finish and it will be ready to hang on your wall!
Here is a photo of the beautiful Lina Cavalieri.
She is the woman who inspired Piero Fornasetti's work.


  1. Fabulous job on the plate! Love it!!!

  2. You and Stephenie have so much fun! Great plate!

  3. I just found your blog, and I LOVE IT!!! I would so love to win some goodies too! Pretty please count me in for this awesome giveaway! Thanks a bunch!

    Angi Mullis

  4. Wow! Your plate hangings look amazing & you make it look so easy. Well I know what I'm making next weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.