Tuesday, April 9, 2013


When I opened my first store in NYC, way back when, I decorated with huge plywood cutouts of buttons, needles and spools of thread.  With heavy cord, I wrapped the spools, threaded the wooden needles made a criss-cross in each button and then spray painted the entire "wood collage" metallic gold!  It looked amazing.  If I had Krylon's Glitter Blast back then, I would have used that instead.  These huge frisbee buttons would look terrific in any room in your home......Especially if you're creative!  This project brought back tons of terrific memories for me.
Have fun!  xoxo, Mark
Frisbee Button DIY
See how I made them here!
You'll need:
Drill with large drill bit
Krylon Glitter Blast
Krylon Fusion in a color that matches your Glitter Blast
Drill four "button holes" in your frisbee 
Make sure to do this on some scrap wood! 

Spray paint your button with the Krylon Fusion and let dry for 15 minutes 

Coat your button with Krylon Glitter Blast and let dry for 15 minutes 
 Make your stitches using yarn in a color you like
Tie a knot in the back to keep the stitching in place 
Decorate your craft space!
Make sure to grab a Big Ass Book for more inspiration!