Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Flower Boutonnière

I wanted something fancy to wear this spring on my cotton blazer (and to give as gifts to my friends) so I started messing around with some fake flowers and jewelry pieces I had hanging around.  I love the way these turned out.  These would be fun for a party, wedding or special occasion and I think they're perfect for everyone.  You probably have everything you need to make these already.  
Happy Spring everyone!
My trio of lapel pins for spring!
I love this with the cameo over the brass stamped butterfly
Here's the how to video!
You'll need
Fake flowers
Jewelry pieces
Pin backs
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters
 Trim the flowers 4" below the flower
 Trim off the large leaves
Hot glue the leave to the flower as shown 
Add a dab of glue to the base of the flower 
Add your ribbon with a 4" piece sticking off of one end 
 Wrap the ribbon down to the bottom and then back up to the top
Tie a knot on when you get back to the top 
Create a bow with several loops 
 Glue it to right under the flower
Grab your E-6000!
Glue your jewelry pieces over the bows
Let dry for 1/2 hour 
 Glue the pin back on the back side
You're done!


  1. These Pins are so cute! I want pins like this for my cousins baby shower. I think it would be a real cute idea! They are colorful and very creative!

  2. This is something very fancy and creative lapel pins custom I ever seen. Thanks for giving tips of making this lapel pins, I will going to try it soon.

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