Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tattooed Plaster Hands (Fornasetti Inspired)

Have you seen that awesome plaster of Paris hand project made with rubber dishwashing gloves?  Well I finally decided to try it and make a set of Fornasetti inspired decorative plaster hands.  These would be great for displaying jewelry or just to have as a conversation piece on your table.  Either way, they are super fun to make and I think they look fantastic!  Hey, when you get a chance, google Piero Fornasetti and see his amazing body of work.  I think you'll love it.
My trio of tattooed hands!
I can't decide where to put them in my house
Some pieces by Fornasetti (one of my favorite designers)
Watch the video tutorial here!
Plaster of Paris
Clip art images
Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint in Cottonball
Staple gun
Rubber gloves
 Draw a 3" diameter circle on the scrap wood
Drill a hole on the circle's edge so that you can insert the jigsaw blade
Cut out the circle with the jigsaw
Staple the rim of the rubber glove to the cut out hole
 Fill the matching glove with water and pour it in a mixing bowl
Add the plaster until it is the consistency of pancake batter
Pour it in the glove, squeeze out any bubbles, and let dry overnight
Cut out the clip art images
 Remove the plaster hand from the rubber glove *You'll have to cut it off
Paint the plaster hand with the Americana Multi-Surface Satin in Cottonball (white)
Spray the images with the E-6000 Spray Adhesive
*Clip around the images so that they lay flat on the curved areas of the hand
Coat everything with Minwax Polycrylic and let dry