Saturday, November 15, 2014

Faux Coral Centerpiece DIY (Tony Duquette Inspired)

I love the work of Tony Duquette, I always have.  He was an amazing designer who could create magic from absolutely nothing. Definitely look him up if you get the chance.  Today we're taking twigs from the backyard and creating faux coral centerpieces that are perfect for your next fancy dinner party.  When it's not in the center of your table, just put it on the fireplace mantle and enjoy it!
Now get outside and start gathering twigs.... This project is just plain fun.
Tony Duquette also loved malachite 
I decided to have a little absinthe while I was taking my photos (kidding)
Watch the video tutorial here!
Fish tank rocks
Large plastic lid
White glue
Hot glue gun
Pearls (optional)
Score your lid with a sharp object like a craft knife
Hot glue your twigs to the base with a generous amount of glue to create your coral
Apply a generous amount of white glue to the twigs with a paintbrush
Sprinkle with fish tank rocks and let dry
Paint the coral with the Dark Scarlet and Lipstick
Using E-6000, glue seashells and pearls to the base of the coral
Paint any exposed lid with the Glorious Gold metallic paint

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