Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chocolate Chandelier

Ok, every once in a while I just feel like making something crazy, nutty, kooky, bananas.....and here it is.... An Easter candy chandelier. Truth be told, I really just needed an excuse to buy chocolate bunnies and then gorge on them. No worries, my terrific assistant Danielle helped me. Nom nom!
Happy Easter!
 I had quite a few peeps while making this, too!
This concept would also be really fun for Valentines Day!
Watch the short video tutorial here!
Recycled cardboard
4 chocolate bunnies
Jelly beans
Plastic eggs
(8 small, 4 medium, 6 large)
Easter grass
Glue gun
Craft knife
Hole punch
 Trace your pattern on cardboard
*You'll need two single pieces and one piece cut on the fold
Cut 8 quarter circles about 1 1/2" each
Paint everything with Americana Decor Chalky Finish
Hot glue the pieces together
 Add hot glue to a cardboard disk and glue on plastic Easter grass to make a small nest
Add a large plastic egg to the center and surround it with jelly beans
*You need to make 4 of these nests
Take 4 small plastic eggs and glue Easter grass to the base of each
Make a large nest with hot glue and Easter grass with a large egg in the center
*This large nest will be for the center of the chandelier
Embellish the chandelier with a matching color of paint if you want
Add the nests with the large eggs to the arms of the chandelier
Glue the small eggs with Easter grass to the curve on the chandelier
*Refer to the beauty shot for placement
Glue 8" long pieces of ribbon to 4 small, 4 medium and 1 large egg
Punch holes in the bottom of the chandelier
Hang the eggs from the holes
Glue peeps on the chandelier with a hot glue gun
Add the large nest to the center of the chandelier with more hot glue
Hang from ribbon
Open the large eggs on the nests and fill with chocolate bunnies
Chandelier pattern
*Mine was 18" high
Ready for my egg hunt!