Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy ThursDIY!

Hey Possums!  It's ThursDIY and I'm on jury duty today.  Fortunately there are no trials going on right now so I'm on a break and able to share some fun ideas with you.  As always, hop around and see what my friends are up to!  
Happy #ThursDIY
Here we go!
Messyla makes crocheted carrots.....Funky and I love them! 
 This week I made Rhinestone Boho Cuffs with cup chain from
 I show you how to make No Sew Boho Curtains! That's right, not one single stitch!
 Danielle rocking the Rhinestone Boho Cuffs!
The Marvelous Margot Potter makes a metal stamped cuff!  
Stephenie makes a gorgeous stamped DREAM bracelet: 
The fabulously talented Cathy Attix rocks a studded bag this week!  
 Cathie Filian is launching The Mod Melter on HSN this week... Go Cathie!
Another version of my No Sew Boho Curtains!
 Megan Andersen Read (the newest member to our ThursDIY group) makes a snappy 
Good Luck Charm!  
Inkstruck Studio makes terrific Galaxy Easter Eggs! 


  1. Some really great ideas!!! Love the curtains!n (

  2. Amazing! Thank you for sharing! Love ya' Patricia B

  3. What a wonderful and magical round-up! Thanks for sharing all these awesome ideas!