Wednesday, October 7, 2015

8O's Memphis Plates DIY

I LOVE 80s Memphis style....LOVE IT!  The colors, the mixed patterns, the COW PRINT mixed with yellow and stripes and dots and squiggles.  I guess you could say this is what the inside of my head looks like.  I'm glad to see this wonderful design movement is making a comeback.  What better way to add a little Memphis to your life than with some funky, painted (dishwasher safe) dishes?!  I had a terrific time painting these.  I could have painted them for weeks, BUT I have tons more fun projects in store for you that I have to get crackin' on!
  xoxo, Mark
A few of my new plates

You can get the perfect porcelain coffee mugs at the 99c store, too!
Watch the video tutorial here!
White porcelain plates *99c store
Painter's tape
Craft knife
Makeup sponges (triangles)
Contact paper
Clean your plates with rubbing alcohol
Create your designs with contact paper and painter's tape
*I cut circles and taped triangles
Fill in the shapes with Americana Gloss Enamel using a makeup sponge
*Blow on the bubbles to pop them
Remove the tape when dry
*Create stripes with thin pieces of painter's tape
Make dots on folded contact paper using a hole punch
Try different designs using the DecoArt Glass Paint Markers
Bake in the oven twice at 325˚ for 30 minutes each time
*Let the oven cool in between baking times
To make them food save, coat them with Minwax Polycrylic
The best way to get REAL color on glass and porcelain!
Even works on dishes from the 99c store
The perfect morning coffee combo!
I call the one on the right Veins & Rice...Yup, weird, I know.


  1. Refreshing and adorable! super pretty!

  2. Have you found the polycrylic to hold up after hand washing the items? Everything I read says it's not waterproof. Also, minwax claims it's not food safe so am I missing something. I really want to do this but concerned about safety and durability

    1. Hi Baby In Tow, I spoke with Minwax and asked them about being food safe and they say yes. This would be the Polycrylic specifically. As for the handwashing, it does hold up. I use this on my decoupage plates and if I quickly sponge wash it's fine. You don't want to let decoupage or painted dishes soak just in case. Also, if you're just using the Gloss Enamels, they are dishwasher safe, but because they contain latex, they have to be labeled "Not Safe For Food" because some people have latex allergies. I've used my plates for things like cookies and toast without a problem, but I do not have a latex allergy. Hope that helps.

    2. You can also use clear glass plates and paint the design on the underside and then you don't have an issue at all. Just reverse the painting process and you're good to go. End with a coat of white and they're done.