Friday, October 23, 2015

Desk Organizer DIY

Growing up in a small rural town without a big craft store, we were "forced" to use whatever we had on hand to get creative.  For me (like many) it was cardboard, newspaper and glue.  Gotta tell ya, that's about all you need if you want to get your crafty groove ON!  As a result, I love everything paper, cardboard, decoupage and paper mâché.  Anything that uses recycled materials has my name on it.   Not only is this tray a beautiful way to organize your stuff, it's a terrific way 
to recycle and save some cash at the same time.  How awesome is that?!  You can make this tray any shape you want, like simple squares or rectangles.  Experiment with different sizes, papers and paint techniques.  You can't go wrong.  Have fun!  xoxo, Mark
Try different tray shapes like simple rectangles and squares
Make a few for your dresser or vanity
Star struck!

Watch the short video tutorial here!
Stuff You'll Need
Template for tray
White school glue
Craft knife
Trace and cut the hexagon
Trace and cut the sides of the tray
Glue the pieces together to create the shape
*You can tape the pieces together while they dry
Add a little water to some white school glue
With a paintbrush, decoupage the paper to the tray with the glue
*This will make it sturdy and keep your pieces in place
When dry, paint the entire tray white
Cut pieces of the Americana Decou-Page Paper to fit the tray
Using the gloss Decou-Page medium, adhere the decorative paper to the tray

Paper and perfect!


  1. �������� I love how pretty and fancy this is, and simple to make. You rock Mark.

  2. In the past, I hesitated to add gold to my decor. However, I really like how this craft looks bright and light with the white and gold. It would add a mod touch to any room.