Friday, January 22, 2016

Let's Make Art! Warhol Inspired

A very long time ago, when I first moved to NYC,  I scammed my way into an art opening in SOHO and literally bumped into Andy Warhol!  I actually BUMPED-IN-TO-HIM!  The most I'd hoped for that evening was a table filled with good cheese and some free wine, but that night turned out to be sooooo much more.  I'd always been obsessed with everything Andy.  I loved his handwriting, his shoe illustrations and his huge, colorful portraits.  Today, just for kicks, I'm turning Julie and I into Warhol portraits.  I love this process and I hope you do, too.  Remember, have fun, make messes and don't forget to Make Your Mark! 

Come on, I couldn't just make one!

Watch the process here!
Stuff You'll Need
Your image printed out on transparent paper (Acetate)
*I use PicMonkey to alter my images
Small canvases
Warhol inspiration
Here's How
1.  On PicMonkey, make your photo black and white and then pump up
the exposure and contrast
2.  Print out on transparent paper and cut around the image
3.  Place the image on the canvas and pencil around the details
*Trace around it, draw in the eyes, lips, chin, and any details that show up
4. 5. 6. & 7.  Paint in the details with Americana Acrylics
*Use a Warhol portrait as a guide
8.  When the paint is dry glue the transparency over the painted canvas
9. Fill in the details with more Americana Acrylics in matching colors
10. 11. & 12.  Add details with Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint


  1. Hey Mark, very reminiscent of the very first time I saw you on Wendy Russel's She's Crafty. Like this one even better!! Love ya' Patricia B

    1. OMG! Yes, I remember that episode. That version was a little easier, too. You brought back some memories Patricia! Big hugs and lotsa love!

  2. Thanks for the always awesome tutorials

    1. Hey Tammy, I do them for people like you! You appreciate me and in turn that makes me enjoy being creative even more. Thank you for always taking the time to leave a comment. It means a lot. Big hugs!

  3. You met him? You are soo lucky!!I have only seen two of his works at an exhibition, while studying abroad.

    1. Briefly, and only to apologize for almost making him spill his drink!

  4. thanks for an extraordinary tutorial for popping images a la Andy Warhole!
    Carmen L