Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blingy Headphones DIY

Julie and I decided to make some blingy headphones for each other just to mix things up a bit and work on a project together.  I made rhinestone covered headphones for her and she made a pair of (SUPER CUTE) decoden headphones for me, which she ultimately kept.....because she was really making them for her.  Can you believe it!  Still, we had fun and got to work with some really fun Blumenthal Lansing buttons.  Make sure to check out their site for the sweetest buttons you'll ever find.  As always, have fun, make messes and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
xoxoxo, Mark
Julie rocking her new blinged-out rhinestone headphones
Julie rocking the decoden headphones!
Probably not my best look
See the headphones I made for Julie here!
Check out the headphones Julie made for me here!
Stuff You'll Need
Buttons from Blumenthal Lansing
Rhinestone cup chain
Clear silicone
Jewelry pieces
Pom poms
For the rhinestone headphones
1. & 2.  Grab some E-6000 and glue a row of rhinestones down the center of the headphone band
3.  Cut cup chain and glue it along the center
4.  Continue with the cup chain until the band is covered
5.  Glue rhinestones in the center of the ear cover and surround it with more cup chain
6.  Score, glue and tape on a large focal piece on one side until it dries in place
*I used a sparkly bow
7.  Cover the rest of the headphones with more cup chain 
For the decoden headphones
8. & 9.  Mix 100% clear silicone with glitter
10.  Pick out your embellishments
*We used tons of cute buttons from Blumenthal Lansing
11.  Spread the silicone mixture on the headband and press in the buttons
12.  Continue until the entire plastic part of the headphones are covered
Wow, these have great sound!


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