Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Valentine's Day Pillows!

Most of my friends are CRAZY for Halloween, but me,  I love Valentine's Day.  Even when I wasn't madly in love and married, I enjoyed it.  This holiday is all about every kind of LOVE and letting everyone know how much YOU love them.......From your dear old dad to your awesome next door neighbors.  It's also about the champagne and the big heart shaped box of chocolates, which let's face it, is much more fun to eat alone then to have to share with your other half!  I mixed up prints and techniques for these pillows and hopefully they'll inspire you to make some of your own.
Big love, xoxoxo, Mark!
Love the mix of polka dots and stripes!
Nothing says LOVE like a pillow with the word LOVE on it!
See them come together here!
For the double heart pillow
Gold glitter
Black and white striped fabric
Sewing machine
Pillow stuffing
1.  Cut two pillow squares 20" x 20"
2. Trace a large heart and a small heart in the center
3.  Paint over the black strips inside the hearts
4.  Paint the large heart red and the small heart gold
5.  Paint over the gold with the Decoupage and sprinkle glitter on top
6.  Paint over the gold glitter when it's dry with more Decoupage to seal it
*Stick with Americana Decoupage because it's not sticky when it dries
7.  Stitch the pillow squares together face to face leaving a 5" hole
8.  Stuff and hand stitch closed
For the 5 Hearts Pillow
Black and white striped fabric
Red polka dot fabric
Sewing machine
Pillow stuffing
1.  Cut out 5 hearts the same size
*Layer the fabric to make it easier
2.  Arrange your hearts
3.  Add a thin line of E-6000 Stitchless around the edges of each heart
*Stitchless is an iron on glue that turns anything into a patch or applique
4.  Carefully iron in place until the moisture of the glue vanishes
5.  When all hearts are ironed in place, edge with the Allure Gold Glitter and let dry
6.  Stitch the pillow squares together face to face leaving a 5" hole
7.  Stuff and hand stitch closed
For the Sequin LOVE Pillow
Gold Sequins
E-6000 Glue
White fabric
Pillow stuffing
Sewing machine
1.  Cut two 20" x 20" white cotton squares
2.  Trace a large heart in the center of one square
3.  Fill in with the Dazzling Metallics Splendid Gold
4.  When dry pencil in the word LOVE in the center
5.  Trace around the word and edge of the heart with E-6000 Glue and sprinkle sequins on top
6.  When dry, stitch the pillow squares together face to face leaving a 5" hole
7.  Stuff and hand stitch closed

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Mark does things with E6000 and fabulous paints that I never thought possible. And who'd a thunk sealing the glitter with the decoupage medium. Love the products, and, of course, Mark!

    1. The Fabric Americana Decoupage will change your life! xoxo

  2. Is this not the cutest thing ever!?!? Love it!

  3. Thanks so much Evie! xoxo Happy Valentine's Day!