Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Art Gallery Manicure DIY

Not sure how this happened, but my assistant Julie convinced to make another nail salon video for our channels.  Ok, I admit it, we had a blast coming up with our special manicures......but for some reason I always feel like I'm letting my little sister try out her average makeup skills on me!  I gave Julie a "Masters Manicure" and she gave me "Galaxy Nails".  So much fun!  See the videos below when you get a minute.  BTW, you could use photos of your friends or pets for this project.  It's up to you.  Just remember to make messes, have fun and Make Your Mark!  xoxo
A little Van Gogh, Mary Cassatt and Andy Warhol!
Debbie Harry is my fave!

My awesome Galaxy Nails courtesy of Julie
See how I did it here!
Watch Julie rock my nails here!
1.  Paint your nails (or false nails) in metallic gold
2.  Print out small images (here)
*I used famous paintings but you could use photos of your friends
3.  Cut them the size of the nail and then clip around the edges
4.  Spray with water
5. & 6.  Decoupage (with Americana Decoupage) the images onto each nail making sure to really coat the image.
*This will keep the images from looking stained and wet
7. & 8.  Add clear polish to the top and bottom of the image and dip in small glass beads or glitter
9.  Apply to the finger and give several top coats of clear polish


  1. Hey Mark, love the nails!! I need to find some gold nail polish, I've been looking and have been unable to find in my area. Thanks to you and Julie! Love ya' Patricia B

  2. You rock Mark you should do different pictures of Julie next time