Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Colorful Wood Block Candle Holders

You must know by now that I'm a hoarder....I have an excuse to save almost everything!  My jar and wine bottle collection alone is reason enough to have me committed.  Since I'm constantly renovating my home and yard,  my pile of scrap wood makes me look like the crazy man in the neighborhood.  These candle holders were the perfect way to get rid of my stash.  I even made a few to give away as gifts this summer.  Paint yours in tons of different colors to match your decor.  They're terrific for a dinner table or to brighten up a fireplace mantle.  Just remember, make messes, have fun and don't
forget to Make Your Mark!  xoxo
Love 'em!

See how easy they are to make here!
Stuff You'll Need
4" x 4" wood pieces
2" x 4" wood pieces
Sanding block
Have a lumber yard cut 4" x 4" posts & 2" x 4"s to different lengths
1. & 2.  Mark the center of the 4" x 4" posts and evenly along the 2" x 4" pieces
3. & 4.  Using your feet as a stabilizer, carefully drill with the 1 3/4" spade bit about 3/4" deep
5.  Pick your favorite Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints
6. & 7.  Paint each side of each candle holder a different color
8.  When dry, sand the edges where they meet to give them a professional look
9.  Use Americana Decoupage in matte to give them a nice, sealed finish
I'm ready to entertain!

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  1. Great idea to decopage the tall ones for different holidays. Mark your the best!