Friday, June 24, 2016

Birds and Butterflies Under Glass

Part 2 of my Curiosity Cabinet series is here!
I love the Museum of Natural History in NYC.....LOVE IT!  Not only is it suggested donation only, you can easily spend an entire summer day in there escaping from the brutal heat.  Not bad for a buck, right?  I often find myself imagining what it would be like to live in a room filled with the birds, bugs and butterfly specimens.  Something about how they're displayed makes me feel like I'm stepping back in time.  You can easily make your own versions of these displays with simple supplies that you can find anywhere.  Don't feel like forking over the cash for the feather butterflies?  Just print some out on your home computer.  Yup, they look just as good.  Remember, have fun, use your imagination and 
never forget to Make Your Mark!
My tiny version of the Museum of Natural History
Fill glass jars with printed vintage bug images......DONE
Next week we'll tackle how to make a cabinet to house your curiosities

Watch the video tutorial here!
Glass Jars and vases
Faux flowers
Faux feather birds and real twigs
Wood disks
1.  Paint your wood disks with the Vintage Brass Americana Decor Metallics
2. Glue twigs in the center of the disks
3. A simple straight twig for the butterflies and fuller for the birds
*Make sure your glass vases easily fit over the twigs
4.  Paint the twigs with more Vintage Brass
5. & 6.  Glue the faux birds and flowers to the twigs and then glue the mouth of the glass to the base
7.  Glue printed and feather butterflies to the long, straight twigs 
8.  Glue the tall thin vase over the butterfly twig
9.  Print out vintage bugs, place them in upside down glass jars and then glue a large shooter
 marble on top

Create different heights by using candle holders

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  1. Amazing video from an amazing artist. Loved watching this :)