Friday, January 13, 2017

Confetti Vases

 Recently I decided to clean out the little closet in my kitchen.......You might have a little closet like this?  It's where you shove everything unsightly right before company arrives and then you forget about it until one day, the door bursts open and you realize that's where everything you ever thought you lost has been.....If you lost it, that's where it was. Along with all of the crap in there, I found glass vases galore.  Small ones, big ones and ugly ones that come with flower deliveries. Well, this color freak decided to give them a makeover before I donated them to my local thrift store and this is what happened.  And yes, I used every color in the box.  Remember to go color crazy, use stuff in THAT closet and always Make Your Mark!

Watch the quick tutorial here!
Glass Vases
Rubbing Alcohol
Therm-o-web iCraft Deco Foil and Adhesive Pen
1.  Clean your vase with rubbing alcohol
2. Base coat the vase with Gloss Enamels in white
3. 4. & 5.  One color at a time starting with the lightest colors first, paint
colors randomly around the vase
*Let the colors dry for a few minutes in between color changes
6.  Circle the rim with a metallic paint marker
7.  Draw a line around the vase about 1 1/4 inch from the bottom
8. Coat the base with the iCraft Deco Foil adhesive pen
9. Apply the gold Deco Foil to the adhesive after it has dried for a few minutes


  1. Hi Patricia! I had such fun making these!

  2. Mark,
    LOVE THESE vases!! Getting ready to make now, but quick question. Did or can you finish them with a sealer? I have never worked with the gold leaf so not sure if a top coat would work. If so, any specific type? LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!! Color is my happy place.

    Cheers, Elizabeth

    1. You could spray them with a clear coat and they would be fine. Maybe before you add the gold leaf.