Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Paper Vases DIY

I've been a HUGE fan of paper mâché since I was a kid.  Even as I write this I have a new project drying on the kitchen counter.  What is it about covering cardboard structures, balloons and tin cans in strips of newspaper dipped in flour and water?  It's just so relaxing.  A few weeks back I told you I found a hoarder's stash of glass flower vases in my pantry.....Before I toss the lot, I'm going nuts with them in whatever way I can. The best thing about these vases is that you can actually fill them with water if you're careful.  Remember to recycle, cover things in paper 
and always Make Your Mark!

 Don't leave these outside.....The critters will smell the flour and chew on them!

Watch how I mad them here!
Newspaper, cardboard and masking tape
Americana Decor Metallics and Multi-Surface Satin Paints
Flour and water
Patterned papers
Americana Decoupage in Gloss
Glass vases and wine bottles
1.  Cut 1 1/2" wide strips of cardboard
2.  Curl the cardboard on the edge of a table and tape it to the glass vase or bottle like a handle
3.  Roll a 12" x 12" square of newspaper into a tube and tape it along the handle to give it some dimension using masking tape
4.  5. & 6.  Mix water and flour, rip strips of newspaper and dip them in the mixture
7. & 8.  Cover the bottles and handles completely and allow them to dry
9.  Paint a some of the vases with Americana Multi Surface Satins in colors you like
10.  Choose some pretty patterned paper to match the paint
11.  Decoupage elements of the paper over the paint or cover the entire vase with the paper
*I like Americana Decoupage in Gloss for this
12.  Finally, paint the handles with the Americana Decor Metallics
 The black vase is painted and the wine bottles are decoupaged completely with patterned paper

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