Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Artist Trading Card Hands

It's time for my annual ATC SWAP!  This year we're doing something less traditional and creating mixed media hands instead of rectangular cards.  Why not try something different, right?!  I had such a blast making these and I can't wait to see what you come up with.  This is a wonderful way to share your work with other artists from around the world.
RULES for the swap are HERE
Below are some of the hands I made using DecoArt paints and a Gel Press and if you use either of those products to make your hands, let me know and you'll be entered to win a set of Americana Multi-Surface Satin paints and a Gel Press!  Go crazy with color, fabric, beads, paper, paint, glitter and whatever else you have in your crafty arsenal. No rules other than that they can't be more than 1/4" thick or longer than 7".  
I really hope you join our swap!
Gotta hand it to you!
I went wax seal crazy!

 Watch how to make them here!
Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints
Gel Press and Impressables
Paper images
Card Stock
Cosmetic Sponges
Book pages
White Glue
Sewing Machine
1st layer
1.  Dot rows of yellow and orange on your Gel Press
2.  Using a brayer, spread the paint in rows to create stripes
3.  Press the paper to reveal your perfectly blended stripes
2nd layer
4.  Spread a mint green on the Impressables Retro Leaves Plate
5.  Press the Retro leaves on the striped page
3rd layer
6.  Add blue and gold to the Gel Press
7. & 8.  Place a stencil on top of the Gel Press (I used stars) and transfer the stars to your page
4th layer
9. & 10. Stencil (I used leaves) over your page in hot pink and white
11.  Trace and cut a hand pattern from card stock
12.  Trace it on your newly pressed pages (and your stash of other papers) and cut them out
*I used old Gel Pressed pages, scrapbook paper, paper bags & whatever I can find!
5th layer
13.  Glue your favorite images to the hands
*I like faces, birds, butterflies and loteria cards
14.  Try adding a cityscape cut from book pages
6th layer
15.  Dab more color around the hand
7th layer
16.  Stencil another pattern in another color on top of everything
17.  Glue several hands together to create some thickness
18.  Optional:  Stitch around the hand on a sewing machine
19.  Glue on beads, buttons, keys or whatever you want
20. I added a wax seal with ribbons to finish mine off!
*Now it's time to add your information on the back and send them off!

Everyone can use a hand...Don't you think?


  1. adorable!!! I love how these look:)

  2. awesome! enjoyed the last swap of ATC's so much! guess i better get busy 😉

  3. These crafty hands are my most favorite things yet! I absolutely adore them! I can not wait to get started on mine and hold hands with other artists around the globe. Ready, set, roll!!
    Thanks for all the inspiration! I am adding you to my blog, I don't want to miss a thing!

  4. Mark! I love your maker hands and I would be thrilled to join your swap!
    What a super idea-thank you for hosting!
    Will be working on mine today!
    Jackie ")

  5. Eeeek, hands sent!! I forgot to mention with my hands that I used s Gel press and Deco Arts Acrylics!!

  6. You sent me too many hands!!! I love the 6 ATCs that I received--super duper and awesome! I submitted an extra one for you, Mark, since I admire you a lot!! jane

  7. I LOVE my ATCs--they are totally fabulous!!! But you sent me an extra one--I received 6 of them. I sent an extra ATC for Mr. Mark because I admire him so much and I love these trades. THANKS!! :)

  8. Are you doing another ATC Hand Swsp for 2019 please?

    1. Not sure yet! Might be something else. Still figuring it out.