Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Cardboard Tile Mosaic Mirror

Have you ever seen the show Wheel of Fortune?  It's not a show I watch, but apparently I was inspired by the wheel when I designed this mirror!  Despite that, I do love that I got to use all of my favorite colors together at once.  My use of cardboard for mosaic tiles is becoming a true passion and I find it so much more versatile than heavy glass or ceramic tiles.  Once your piece is coated with the epoxy resin, it's tough as nails and smooth as glass!  Remember to use all of the colors in your Crayon box and to always Make Your Mark!
 Mirror of fortune!
I love how it matches everything!

Watch how to make it here!
Americana Outdoor Living Paint
Glaze Coat 2-Part Epoxy Resin
Sander and Jigsaw
Round (Dollar Store) Mirror
Americana Outdoor Living Metallics in Vintage Brass
1/2" Plywood
Cardboard (Smooth)
Long Arm Lighter or Small Torch
1. - 3.  Trace, cut and sand a large circle for the mirror base from 1/2" thick plywood
4.  Paint the wood circle in Americana Decor Vintage Brass
5. - 7.  Remove the round mirror from the frame, center it in the wood base and trace around it
8. & 9.  Paint smooth cardboard in all of your favorite colors with Americana Outdoor Living
10.  Cut long, thin triangular tiles (1/2" to 3/4" at base and about 1/4" at top) to fit around the edge of the mirror
11.  Glue them in place with E-6000 making sure that the entire length of the tile is glued down
12.  Mix and evenly pour the Glaze Coat 2-Part Epoxy Resin on top of your tiled mirror
13. & 14.  Evenly distribute the Glaze Coat with a sponge brush and then pop the tiny air bubbles with a long arm lighter or small torch
*This can take a while since air can get trapped in the channels of the corrugated cardboard BUT you can avoid this by using very thin cardboard or thick chipboard
15. & 16. After you cover and cure the Glaze Coat, glue the mirror in the center, let dry and hang!
 Mirror, mirror on the wall......