Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Gorgeous Decorative Candles DIY

I originally made these candles for the holidays, but I love them so much they're going to stay out for the rest of the year or until they're gone!  I used real wax pillars for these, but honestly, the battery operated pillars would have been a better choice.  Still, I'm just super happy with them.  I painted the hot glue pieces with metallic silver and then added some Galaxy Glitter to make them sparkle even more.  If you haven't tried using hot glue in silicone molds, it's addicting!  Hot glue is also much more sturdy than most clays and you can shape it with a hair dryer!  
Be a mad scientist when you're creating and always
Make Your Mark!
 Nothing like a crystal ball to magnify the candle glow!
Clustered on a silver thrift store tray

Watch how to make them here!
LINK to my favorite molds: https://amzn.to/2tifkAM
Fill a mini cloche with your favorite souvenirs!

Decorate the way you want!  It's your home!

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