Sunday, March 1, 2020

Upcycled Magazine Art Journals and Stencils

As you may already know, I can't stand tossing things that I know can be turned into something beautiful!  For example, every year I splurge on a fancy home decor magazine from England called The World of Interiors and I have stacks of them going way back.  Because this magazine is printed on thick, yummy paper, in college I would use the old ones for smash books.  Now, I cut them in half and make art journals with them.  So much better than tossing them, right?  You can use Citri-Solve to dissolve the ink on each page OR you can just add some white Americana Acrylic over each page to create a base in which to paint.  Up to you!  Either way, this is an economical way to have tons of art journals for your creative adventures.  Use what you have, my sweet friends, and always
Make Your Mark!
Get the magazines cut in half at Staples with their guillotine machine!
I used a 5" x 7" Gel Press to create my colorful pages!
Make your own stencils with plastic salad lids and a Creative Versa Tool from Walnut Hollow
Watch how I made mine here!

And so the day begins!
Happy journaling!

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