Thursday, June 4, 2020

Newspaper Earrings

I started making paper earrings in college for extra money.  I was seriously into the mixed print Memphis style and I always had colorful painted paper scraps left over from my fashion presentations.  Mind you, this was before computers when you had to cut with scissors, paste with actual glue and use rub-on letters instead of picking a font from hundreds on the internet and printing them out from a home computer!  It's soooo much easier now, but I digress.  This paper mache project is a great way to create something that's sturdy enough for jewelry and light enough to keep your lobes in tact!  Plus, you can paint them any way you want.  Heck, use images, too!  I used my Gel Press for the funky patterns which lent to the unpredictable nature of each earring.  Go nuts with recycled materials, my crafty friends, and always
Make Your Mark! 
Perfect for putting in an envelope and sending to a friend!
Define the shapes with a cosmetic sponge and some black paint!

5 or 6 sheets of newspaper and your painted page on top
Watch how to make them here OR
Watch the video on my YouTube channel here:
Everything I used for this project
Awesome Gel Press Products: Americana Acrylics: Triple Thick Gloss Glaze: My favorite hole punch: Learn to make paste here: MY AMAZON STORE:
Ready to assemble
Feeling like a trip to Miami about now!
Extra! Extra!


  1. Very fine I like your projects..............

  2. oh I love these!! I lived through the Memphis Style and wish I had snapped up some of the furniture. These earrings are the height of creativity Love them

  3. Just do the same on the other side...Perfect!