Monday, October 26, 2020

Curling Ribbon Wigs DIY

If you're a fan of cosplay OR need a funky wig for your Halloween costume, grab some colorful curling ribbon, a knit cap and warm up your glue gun!  It's as easy as that to make something show stopping!  It's really important to use a glue gun that doesn't drip (I only use Surebonder glue guns) because you don't want drops of glue clumping up the hair.  Leave it straight, curl it with scissors, chop it into a bob or make it extra long for a Rapunzel vibe, whatever you want!  Just go big, go beautiful
Mark's angels!
I like the contrasting bangs but one color works, too!
My FAVORITE wig making tools!
Surebonder Glue Guns & Products: MY AMAZON STORE:
Watch how to make them here OR
watch how to make them on my Youtube channel here

Start with the bangs!
Then work around the back!



  1. This is a fabulous project, Mark. Thank you for the great tutorial.

  2. Oh my gosh — this is so cute! I was complaining to my husband today because I’m losing all of my hair (caused by all the stress in our world this year) & told him if it keeps up I’m getting s wig. I’m making one of these for fun — he also thinks I’m getting a little nutsy being lock-down so this is perfect��. Thank you!

  3. Ever since posting about the girls' costumes last year, I've been excited to share this with you! It's the classic old yarn wig. And there are so many ways to make it ... wholesale hair extensions