Friday, October 30, 2020

Glue Resist Boho Table Linens

I can be a bit skeptical about promises from products.  How many times have you purchased something (like wrinkle cream) that didn't exactly take back the years?  Well, when Derwent told me that their Inktense Blocks were permanent, I didn't quite buy it...Then I made this project.  My mind was blown.  Not only are they permanent, the colors are amazing. I've used the blocks before, but never in this way.  At first I was wanting to try a traditional batik project, but the clear school glue called my name and it just seems so much more accessible and easy to do.  A stencil, some clear school glue and Inktense blocks.  That's an amazing combination!  Try this technique on kitchen curtains, table linens, even a white t-shirt...It's super fun!  Now get out there and MAKE YOUR MARK!  
These will go perfectly with my colorful dishes!
You can grab white cotton napkins on amazon for this project...Link below
Derwent Inktense Blocks: White Cotton Napkins: Spray Bottles:
Mandala Stencil:
Watch how to make my Boho Table Linens here OR
Watch this video on my Youtube channel here:

Glue resist with a stencil has fast become one of my favorite techniques!

Ready! Set! Eat!

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