Thursday, January 28, 2021

Birthstone Penny Charm Bracelets

My mom had a necklace with 5 gold little boys dangling on it...Me and my brother's names were engraved on the back of each one.  My gram had a beautiful gemstone ring with 12 birthstones all lined up representing each of her kids. Yup, 12 kids! Birthstone jewelry is a tradition in our family and I've always love it.  Any jewelry that has real meaning makes it even more special, but it can be expensive.  I remember me and my brothers saving forever to get my mom that necklace for Christmas and I'm sure my dad had to kick in most of it.  This penny charm bracelet is a fun way to get the same sentiment, well, for pennies!  It's still meaningful and just as fun to wear.  It's also really fun looking for the exact birthyear penny to go with each stone.  Make mom's day, sweet friends with this 
Make Your Mark charm bracelet!
A penny for your thoughts?
Contrary to popular belief, it's not illegal to drill a hole in a penny.
Just charming!
Everything I used:
Crystal Lane Flat Back Gems : John Bead Chains and Findings : E6000 Plus:
Watch how to make these charmers here OR
Watch how to make them on my YouTube channel here:

Be charming!

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