Sunday, June 18, 2023

Geometric Embroidered Cuffs - Upcycled, too!

I seem to have a plethora of plastic jugs every month and I finally decided to cut them up and see what I could make with them. It's been an adventure for sure! Since I love making jewelry it was the perfect place for me to start and the cuff base I made could be used for 100 different jewelry making projects!  For my first use I paired it with some colorful Sulky threads and went all out with embroidery. You don't have to be particularly skilled to embroider these, just repeat the same stitches around the cuff, change the color and keep going!  Happy upcycling my amazing friends! Now get out there
Who da thunk these started as plastic jugs!
Sulky Petites come in awesome can buy them separately, too!
Here's how it starts. Watch the video to see how I make the cuff base. It's easy, once you know the secret!
Watch how to make these top to bottom here!
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Use any combination of stitches and colors!
There's something about making something from nothing...
Sending you all sew much love!  XO, Mark

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