Friday, February 24, 2012

And the winner is...............

Ann.....who writes the blog November Rose.  She wins a copy of THE FIND
by Stan Williams, The Elegant Thrifter
Congratulations Ann!


  1. Thanks Mark - and Teddie!
    I'm so psyched! It's been a crazy week at work and this absolutely made my day!

  2. Congratulations Ann and hi to Mark. I picked up the BABoC in a bookshop last week and it's my new favourite craft book by miles. I have shelves full of craft books by middle-aged white women and who could have guessed that what I really longed for was a craft book by an outrageous young man with Mexican heritage! I love your bright, confident choices.

    I haven't made any of the projects directly yet, but I took inspiration from here and there and updated an old bedside lamp. There are some photographs here if you want to have a look:

  3. Congrats, Ann! I couldn't believe it when I saw that the winner is someone I "know" in the crafty world! Yay for you!