Monday, February 6, 2012


You’ve seen those coffee tables at the thrift store with the horrible tops. You know the ones that have cigarette burns on them and the wood is in terrible condition.  Well, take a look under that table top and check out the base.  Chances are it’s in darn good condition and only needs a new top.  I got this coffee table for 5 bucks and the glass for another 15 dollars straight off of another table right next to it.  It was a marriage made in  living room heaven.  I’d say a 20 dollar coffee table is pretty good!

A thrift store coffee table with great legs that are attached to a base
Glass top (if you can’t find one with another ugly coffee table then just head over to your local glass cutter and have one made to size.  Pier One also sells round versions.
KRYLON high gloss spray paint
KRYLON paint pen in 18K gold
Plastic furniture no slip dots
Dust rags
1.     Using your screwdriver, remove the table top from the table base.
2.     Sand your table base to get it in great shape for painting.
3.     Dust off the base with your dust rags.
4.     Give your base several coats of spray paint letting it dry about 10 minutes in between coats.
5.     When the paint is dry, take your gold enamel pen and go along the edges to create accents.
6.     Place your plastic dots and stick them to the corners of the table.
7.     Place the glass no slip dots on the table where your glass will be resting.
8.     Place the glass on top and pile on the books and bric-a-brac and you're done.
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  1. Love this glass table top and that color is pretty spectacular too!

  2. OMg I have had a glass top and never could find out how to make a table for it and now I have a great idea! Off to the local resale shop...

  3. Love it!