Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cardboard Butterfly Obelisk DIY

When I first started making this project I wanted to cover it in something really interesting but I just couldn't think of anything that would work better than phone book pages and butterflies!  I have so many phone books and it was time to do something with them other than use them to reach the top shelf in my cabinets.  Remember, have fun, recycle and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
This cardboard Butterfly Obelisk was a project featured in my book

I used the same technique to create these FAUX MALACHITE OBELISKS

Craft knife
Ruler and Pencil
White glue
Americana Decoupage
1" wide paintbrush
Masking tape
Copies of butterflies

1.  Cut out the shapes in cardboard and tape the pieces together to make the shape
Here's the template to make life easy for you!
2.  Add white glue on the creases to make your obelisk sturdy
3.  Cut strips of phone book and apply with more glue
(add a bit of water to the glue to make it easier to use)
4. Make copies of butterflies, cut and adhere to the obelisk
5. Coat with Americana Decoupage in Matte or Gloss....Up to you!
For this project and 30 more, grab a copy of Pulp Fiction: Perfect Paper Projects!


  1. Fab! I love anything with butterflies on it.

  2. Neat idea...but a thought when I looked at it, was that colorful butterflies would make it really stand out...just a thought.

  3. Beyond loving the project your comment about being propped up with the phone book cracked me up. I still have our picture on my refrig as inspiration. The inspiration is that knowing that people, like you, make the world a better place.

  4. Awesome idea! I have saved phone books thinking I could do something with them someday. I am definately going to do this. I am decorating a small little area in my apartment and need something tall for the table. This would be perfect.

  5. I LOVE this project and I'm so excited Pulp Fiction 2nd edition is coming out!! You are amazing!

  6. Very pretty! Now to find some phone books! Thanks for sharing, Mark :O)

  7. Love it when A guy loves crafty as much as we ladies do. I am not much making originals but love to try others neat stuff. I do have a lot of phone books. Knew I saved them for some

  8. This is a uber cool project.... Thank you for sharing, get's the creative juices flowing. :)

    Sar Tann