Saturday, July 21, 2012

Instagram Smash Book!

Not long ago I was hanging out with my friend Cindy Shepard.  Awesomely creative woman who has wonderful energy. She showed me how to use old envelopes to create Smash Books.  I was blown away.  Here is my version of her wonderful inspiration.  Enjoy!

Make your cover from cardboard. Any size you want!
 Cut open your junk mail.  Leave the windows!
 Paint the pages all different colors

Stamp them when they are dry
 Add some color with crayons!  Yes, CRAYONS!
 Stitch about 5 pages together
 Fold the pages on the stitches and glue them in the binding of the book
Print out your Instagram photos
Glue them inside the book

Make sure to grab a copy of Cindy's book

For more recycling projects, grab


  1. I love this! What a fantastic way of recycling envelopes !

  2. Hi, Mark! I just happened upon your show, and I'd love to make a paper bag smash book. Do you have the instructions online or in one of your books that I could purchase? Thanks for all you do!