Wednesday, July 11, 2012

She Crafts He Crafts (and HE almost has a breakdown)

Welcome to our 3rd installment of Stephenie ( gives Mark a brain tumor trying to come up with something amazing for our She Crafts He Crafts segment.  This one was a challenge for me, but if you know me, you know I love a challenge.  When I first got this clipboard I thought "Hey, this will be easy squeezy!"  It wasn't.  
So, as always when I'm in doubt,  I pulled out some book pages and the Spellbinders Grand Caliber embossing machine and went to town.  It had to be the big guns this time!
I decided that this clipboard should be an EXPERIENCE rather than just a clipboard.  So before we get started, here is what my friend, the talented (and lovely) Stephenie Hamen created with her clipboard.
It's beautiful!  Make sure to get over to her site and leave a comment and you'll be entered to win a box of goodies.
This clipboard allows you to rub your paper when you're done writing and create stationery.

Book pages
White card stock
Elmer's Glue
Elmer's Spray Adhesive (optional)
Embossing machine
Embossing folder with a pattern you like
Image you like
Black Crayola

Place your image in your copy machine and copy it on a large book page by running the book page through your home printer.  
 Water down some Elmer's Glue All and adhere it to your clipboard.  Add more book pages to fill the empty spaces if you need to.
Glue some book pages to white card stock.  You can use spray adhesive or Elmer's Glue All.
 When your card stock book pages are dry run them through the embossing machine.
 Trace out the corners of your clipboard for a pattern.
Cut out four corner pieces and glue them on with more Elmer's Glue All.
Rub the edges with some black crayon to give it some interest.
*Coat the entire clipboard with more Elmer's and let dry.  This will give it a protective finish.
When you're done writing your note, rub the pencil or crayon over the embossed corners to create some interest on your stationery.
 For tons more fun paper projects, lots of them using book pages, grab
a copy of


  1. What a GREAT clipboard and FAB idea!!!
    <3 it!!!

  2. Just love the he/she craft offs.
    Love them both, I especially like the picture you used on your clipboard Mark.

  3. what a super great idea, Mark. love Stephenie's as well.

  4. I just love this project! Might have to make one to help me keep my own projects organized.

  5. Ok, no I want an embossing machine just for this project! I love the idea of being able to make your own stationary on paper you write one. I've wanted to make my own stationary for years but was always afraid of making something that looked like those decorated printer papers from the late 90's, all cheesy and tacky. But this is gorgeous! Might work on this NOW. lol

  6. LOVE the Spellbinders Grand Calibur! (I'm a touch bias... but it's an amazing machine!) Thanks so much Mark for this great post! xoxo

  7. I <3 the idea of making it textured and being able to use it for stationery! And I'm also in love with copying the image onto a page from a book... I've used that in the past for some book purses and I love the way it turns out!

  8. I love a good challange. It is always so wonderful to see what everyone comes up with. By the way I realy like your handwriting. Did you use a calligraphy pen?

  9. I LOVE everything that you did with this clipboard!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. OMG... now that I see how you did this, I am so going to make one like yours! Love that it is interactive. You never cease to amaze me my friend! Hugs from the center of the country!

  11. I love them both but I am going to make one like yours! I don't have an embossing machine but I bet it would be almost as cool without that. Where do you get your pictures, BTW? Thanks for sharing this project with us!

  12. This is such a fun project! Need to buy some Glue All! Love Stephenie's too!

  13. HOLY CRAWLIN CATERPILLARS. i've alterd clipboards, and thought they were mighty cute. but 'these' take the cake. i'm so jealous now! love this a bunches.

  14. Great projects! LOVE my Grand Calibur Die Cutting and Embossing - that thing ROCKs! Working on altering a clipboard myself - great minds think alike ;0P

  15. Great tut on the clipboards, and I declare this show-down a DRAW :-) I love BOTH of them -- really enjoying this series you two have cooked up! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  16. Hey there,
    I am a New Follower on Both Blogs.. and O my Goodness. You both did an amaing job! I can not wait to see MORE.. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  17. Amazing!! Two unique and interesting ideas for me to try.

  18. Amazing!! Two unique ideas for me to try.

  19. What a great them both:)

  20. OOOhhhh - VERY cool Mark! I love the idea of having something embossed to use as an on-the-fly tool like this for quick little notes! What an awesome idea! And, I may be a bit bias, but Spellbinders has some kickin' M-Bossabilities to use with the Grand Calibur that would be perfect with this! You've got my Grand Calibur wheels a-turnin! Thanks! Great Project!

  21. Okay, I read Steph's blog post first, and I just fell in love with her project. Super cute! I didn't think it could have been improved upon, but I seriously love what you've done here creating texture to be used over and over. And it looks great when you're not using it. Awesome!

    I just discovered your series "She Crafts He Crafts," so I'm headed backwards now to see the other fun challenges.

  22. What fun projects!! I love all the bling bling on Stephanies & yours is attractive and useful! You have so much talent hidden in that handsome head of yours!

  23. Hi Mark another great project!!! Love that you used Spellbinders Grand Calibur and M-Bossabilities. I just love all the textures you used...amazing just like you!!!

  24. love it mark, can never forget our crayons and coloring books when leaving the house! or some other cool crafting stuff, never know when one will be stuck somewhere and who wants to waste time when one can be making or coloring something, right?!?!?!