Thursday, September 20, 2012

He Crafts She Crafts......Paris Night Light

My friend Stephenie loves to challenge me with the simplest things for our HE CRAFTS SHE CRAFTS blog posts.  Sometimes I'm completely inspired with our objects and other times it's a test of my creative will.  This project was no exception.  You see, Steph has a terrific ability to make everything pretty, lacey, colorful and wonderful.  I almost immediately go for a can of paint and a drill!  This time I decided to use flowers and lace and see if I could marry my two styles with this simple standing frame and turn it in to something interesting.  I came up with a night light.

This is what Stephenie came up with and I love it.  It's a reversible frame with photos on each side.  So smart!  Make sure to head over to her blog and see how she made it and leave a comment! We'll pick a winner to receive some goodies (and one of my books)!
You'll need
Standing frame (this one is from Ikea)
Postcard of a night scene that has some sky
Night light (got mine at the 99c store)
Black Krylon spray paint
E-6000 glue and hot glue
Bows, ribbons, flowers, lace
Small extension cord
 Sand the image off of the nightlight
 Open your frame
 Cut your postcard down to size
 Poke holes in the sky part of the postcard with a pin
Spray paint your frame and let dry
Frame the postcard and then glue the nightlight to the back of the frame behind the postcard
 Glue on your embellishments with either hot glue or E-6000 and let dry
Add an extension cord and then plug in your night light
For TONS more ideas, make sure to grab a Mark Montano book! 
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  1. Way cool with the night light behind it ! I love STeph's double sided too though. I have to say it's a tie!

  2. Way cool with the night light behind it ! So chic ! But I love STeph's double sided with the kids too. Can't pick a fave-- this time it is a tie !

  3. They're both fabulous.I have 4 sons and 2 grandsons, so I could reapply put Steph's idea to work.Thinking Christmas present for dil.
    But oh Mark-I am seeing this translated into some Halloween gorgeousness that I just can't resist!

  4. Mark,
    You and Steph, are so darn clever. I look forward to your he/she projects.
    You really outdid yourself on this one, I love the nightlight, addition.
    I have to share this on my facebook page.

  5. Cute times 2 or is it times 4... Anyway, love the transformations. Went to IKEA for the first time and would you believe they didn't have any of these?!