Saturday, September 15, 2012

T-Shirt Challenge! Cowl Neck Dress.....Sew easy!

Learn to take a regular t-shirt and add just a bit of fabric to make a stunning cowl neck dress in no time. You'll love making these!
Cowl Neck Dress
 T-shirt Overhaul!  Sew easy....
Here's the HOW-TO video!
 You'll need 
Sewing machine that with zigzag stitch
1 Black t-shirt
1 1/2 yards of knit fabric
Scissors (Fiskars is my brand)
Matching thread
Fabric chalk

Here are the basic steps in case you need a refresher after the video:
 Pin your t-shirt so that it fits your shape
Cut off the ribbed neckline 
 Trace where you pinned and cut off the extra fabric
Cut your skirt 
Stitch in your skirt 
 Cut and sew a tube the same measurement as your neckline
Hem the skirt with a zigzag stitch so that it has stretch
You'll love it.

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