Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bejeweled Hand Mirror DIY

Every glamour girl I know needs a bejeweled hand mirror on her dresser.  This one was super easy to make and I got most of the supplies at the dollar store.  I was going to add some jewels to the handle, but I thought it might get in the way so I kept them on the upper part of the mirror.  I'll bet you have tons of broken jewelry pieces you could use for this project.  If not, head the the jewelry section of the dollar store and go nuts like I did.  I'm thinking this might be a perfect bridesmaid gift, too. 
My mom is going to love this! 
Here's the DIY video!
You'll need
Hand mirror
Various jewelry pieces
Wire cutters
E-6000 glue (the best stuff) 
Gather your supplies 
Clip off any earring backs or pins with the wire cutters 
 Play with your arrangement until you're happy with it.
 Carefully glue on one piece at a time 
with a generous amount of E-6000 glue
 Make sure to only glue one piece on at a time!
Finish by adding pearls and gems in the open spots so that none of the 
back of the mirror is exposed.
 You're done!

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  1. I just tried to make the same custom mirror diy by following your steps. I did well but not exactly look like your diy. Thanks for the perfect concepts of.