Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thrift Store Handbag Upstyle DIY

A few weeks ago I got to thinking about designer goods.  They're wonderful except for one thing.  The same magazine that enticed you to buy it is the same one that tells you it's out of style in just a few months. That's terrible!  So I decided it's just much more fun to take inspiration from the designers and let people create their own personal style instead.  This handbag is a mix of Chanel, Marni and Fendi and I think this project is a terrific way to spruce up a bag you might be getting ready to donate.  Have fun and remember to always spray paint outside!
From thrift store find to designer inspired handbag!
Here's the video so you can see how it's done.
I also made a read white and blue version

You'll need
Clear lacquer spray (I used Minwax Clear Aerosol Lacquer)
Krylon White Primer
Krylon Fusion for Plastic in white
E-6000 glue
Cabochons or flat back gems
Blue painter's tape
Craft knife
Old handbag 
Lay out several pieces of 10" long tape on a cutting mat. 
With your ruler, cut it in half lengthwise. 
Evenly add the thin strips of tape to the handbag starting at the center 
and working your way out. 
Next, add your tape in the opposite direction. 
 Press the tape so that there are no bubbles or places where
it's not stuck to the bag.
 Lightly coat your purse with the clear lacquer.  This will seep under the tape and 
prevent the paint from bleeding underneath the tape when you spray it.
 Next, spray your purse with a primer.  This will help the other coats of paint stick
 to the bag perfectly and evenly.
 Finally coat your purse in a gloss white Krylon Fusion which is meant
for plastic and works very well on purses and shoes.

 When it's dry, carefully remove the tape one piece at a time.

 If you want, you could stop here with this terrific grid design.  Or you could......
 Grab your E-6000 glue and add cabochons, studs or flat back gems to the bag!

Let everything dry for one hour and you're done!
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