Monday, September 9, 2013


Instead of just keeping those photo in your phone, why not print them out and create something you can wear?  This Instagram charm bracelet is the perfect way to show of your life and keep your memories with you.  Add rhinestones or a little glitter and you've got something magical.  Make sure to check out the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  I have a new DIY video every Saturday morning.  Like cartoons, but better! 

Here's the video if you want to see how it's done
With a few more gems...
Xyron Creative Station (OR glue or sticker paper)
Print out of Instagram photos on regular paper
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Stick on gems
Hole punch
Chain bracelet 
Jump rings
Wax paper
Cereal box cardboard
Cut out sheets of your photos that are about post card size 
 Run them through a Xyron Creative Station (this machine turns anything into a sticker) or glue them to cardboard OR print them on sticker paper
 Stick them on your cardboard
Cut them out 
 Add holes to each one
Apply your sticky back gems (or glue them on) 

Spread out some wax paper 
 Coat all of your pieces with Dimensional Magic

When the top is dry, flip them over and coat the back 
 Add the charms to a chain bracelet
Keep adding until you're happy with the way it looks 
You're done!

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