Monday, September 30, 2013

T-shirt Tank Dress DIY-Chanel Inspired

Coco Chanel is one of my favorite designers, hands down. Sadly, she's gone now, but her label lives on and has continued to be one of the most sought after designer labels of our time.   If she were alive, I would stalk her.  Crazy, but true!  I love that she was the first to use knit fabrics in every day wear and that she weighted her suits with chain inside the hem so that they would always look perfect.  This week I've created a Chanel inspired tank dress with chains and pearls to honor Coco Chanel.  I'm also giving away a Singer ViVO sewing machine if you comment on my video!  Enjoy the project and make sure to leave a comment, OK.

The how-to video 
 Here's what you'll need
Sewing machine
2 tank tops
Straight pins
4 pieces of 18" long 3/4" wide ribbon
Matching thread
Chains and pearl trim
Sewing needles
1.  Cut the tank top that you're using for the lower part of your dress in a straight line from underarm to underarm.
2.  Cut the hem off of the tank top that you're using for the upper part of the dress.
3.  Turn the lower half inside out, stuff the upper half inside and match the raw edges together.  Match the side seams if there are side seams.  Many tank tops do not have side seams.
4.  Pin all the way around.
5.  While you stretch the fabric, stitch the two tanks together using 1/2" seam allowance.  Stitch around twice! 
 See how stretchy it is now!? 
 6.  Cut your upper tank across the shoulder seam.
7.  Cut 3" off the front straps of the tank.
8.  Cut 1/2" off of the back straps of the tank.
9.  On the front of the tank, place the ribbon on the cut strap. 
10.  Fold the sides of the strap over the ribbon and pin in place.
11.  Repeat on all 4 straps.
12.  Stitch over the folded strap using 1/2" seam allowance.

13.  Pull the ribbon out of the strap to expose a finished seam. 
 Stop here if you want a simple dress with ribbon ties......OR.......
14.  Stitch several rows of chain and pearl trim right under the ribbon strap. 
You're done!
Sexy-Smart!  Great with a blazer, too.


  1. Love this, Mark! I might try to make one for my daughter.

  2. Working on one this weekend! Loving it!