Monday, October 7, 2013

Safety Pin Feather Jacket DIY

A few years back I was snooping around at a flea market and someone was selling a 10 lb. bag of safety pins for 5 bucks.  How could I pass it up?  Well, they sat in my work room for quite a while before I decided that I had to use them for something....ANYTHING!  This is what happened.  I love safety pins on clothing but it's really hard to find something truly unique to do with them.  This fit the bill for me and it's one of my favorite projects in THE BIG ASS BOOK OF BLING!  What a terrific way to spruce up a jean jacket, blazer or even a skirt.  Have fun fashionistas and let me know how it goes if you make this project.  I always love hearing from you.
Safety Pin Feather Jacket DIY!
Here's the fun how-to video!

You'll need 
Safety Pins (about 100 per feather)
E-6000 glue
12" of rhinestone chain per feather
1.  Position the rhinestone chain on the back of your jacket.  This will be the spine of the feather.
2.  Draw a line where you want it to be.
3.  Add a thin layer of E-6000 glue to the line
4.  Place your chain on the glue and let it dry for about 1/2 hour.
5.  Starting 5" from the bottom of the chain, start adding safety pins  evenly up each side.
 6.  Continue at an angle so that it looks like a feather.

7.  Create a point at the top.
8. Add smaller safety pins at the base to create "fluff".
I added 3 feathers to this jacket
Here you go!  


  1. Oooh it's similar to our New Zealand SILVER FERN National emblem!!!
    Definitely going to do this to a much under used Black Jacket!!!!!