Sunday, November 10, 2013

Corset Back Blazer DIY Made with Safety Pins!

When I was a fashion designer, I put at least one lace up corset in every collection I showed.  They were always my best sellers!  Though not the easiest garments to make, because of the boning and structure, I enjoyed creating them for my collections and boutique.  This corset back blazer is a very simple way to get the same effect with just a few supplies I'll be you already have.  Use this technique to fit a loose blazer or create the look of a smaller waist on a fitted blazer. It's up to you.

Watch the how-to video
 If forget which collections these photos are from, but as you can see the corset played a very big part in my work.

2 yards 1/2"wide ribbon
20 large safety pins
Ruler or tape measure
Blazer that needs some sprucing up
 1.  Find your princess seams.  They are the seams between the side seam and the center back seam.  If you don't have princess seams in your jacket, just mark a line 1/2 way between the center back and side seam of your jacket.
2.  Mark up 6" on each princess seam of your jacket. 
3. Make line10 dots starting at the 6" line straight up the princess seam.  Mark another 10 dots 1" away from the first line of dots.
4.  Repeat this on the other side
5.  Using your two sets of dots, pin in the safety pins with the end of the pin facing toward the center of the jacket
6. Make sure they are evenly spaced
7.  Do this on both sides 
8.  Starting from the top two safety pins, lace your jacket like you would lace a shoe

9.  Have someone help you tie your jacket while you're wearing it so that you don't tie it too tight.



  1. This is absolutely brilliant! Loving your blog. X

  2. Very cool. I'm thinking of doing a version of this where I spray paint the safety pins first!