Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mustache Necktie DIY to Celebrate Movember

Mustache Necktie DIY to celebrate Movember
Now just in case you don't know what Movember is, it's a month long event involving the growing of mustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other male cancers.
Today while I was shopping I almost bought a pair of mustache sunglasses to show my support.  However, at the last minute I realized that I can't wear sunglasses at night so I decided to make another accessory that I won't have to take off when I'm inside.  
That's when I came up with the Mustache Necktie!
For this project I used Jen Goode's new Jumbo Design Wheel Mustache Stamp….It's awesome and so is Jen!  Check out her bloggers in this Movember blog hop here: 
You'll Need
Cream or white necktie
Colorbox ink pad in black (or a color you like)
Lesley Riley TAP (Transfer Artist Paper)
Home copy machine
Create your mustache design using the Jumbo Design Wheel on plain white paper 
Place your mustache paper in your copy machine and 
copy the design on some Lesley Riley TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) on your home copy machine
 Once it's copied, trace around the tie and cut out the TAP
 Iron it on the necktie and you're done!
How easy is that!
Now get out there and show your support, OK! 


  1. Oh my gosh, this is a fantastically fun project Mark, Love it! Thank you so much for joining in on this MOvember event with me, It's been fun to have you along! - (I need to grab some Lesley Riley TAP ASAP too, so cool).

  2. This rocks!! I so need to make one of these for the hubs ;) Thanks for always inspiring, Mark.