Tuesday, November 19, 2013

French Cuffs and Cufflinks DIY

I like to dress up a bit during the holidays and nothing says "SWANKY" like French cuffs and cufflinks with an outfit.  They look great on both men and women and with this DIY, you can have the look in no time.  If you have a stash of vintage buttons that you need a project for, this is it.  These cufflinks are also a wonderful gift for the fashionista in your life!

Some fancy versions
Here's the DIY video
Long sleeve shirt
Sewing machine with zigzag
Matching thread
2 large & 2 small shank buttons
6 jump rings
Needle nose pliers
1.  Cut the buttons off of your cuffs
2. Fold your cuff exactly in half
3. Mark through the button hole to the other side of the cuff
4.  Stitch a button hole the same size as the other on each cuff

5.  Add a jump ring to each button
6.  Connect the two jump rings together to create your cufflink 
You could use a small section of chain if you have something that is strong enough.
So fancy!

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