Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tea Light Paperweights DIY

I have TONS of glass candle tea light holders....Too many in fact!  It was time to either get rid of some OR come up with a project for them.  I finally decided on paperweights!  Now if you're crafty you know that a good paperweight is always needed.  I use them for holding fabric when I'm cutting AND for my stacks of papers which seem to fly away when the AC turns on.  These are terrific because you can fill them with any image you want.  Antique photos would be perfect for this project!  Just make sure to copy them with a laser printer at a copy shop.  If you use inkjet copies, you'll need to coat them on both sides with a clear acrylic.  

Watch the video tutorial here!
Laser printed images
Plastic cups
Disposable wood stirrers
 Laser print your images
Cut them to fit inside of your glass tea lights
 Pour equal parts of Glaze Coat into two separate cups
Stir thoroughly for 5 minutes
Fill the tea light 1/4" full
Place your image face down and tap in place 
*You'll be seeing the image from the bottom
Fill the tea light the rest of the way
Add 1/2 teaspoon glitter and stir
Let cure overnight outside or in an unoccupied part of the house

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