Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stackable Bangles

Very often I'll hear friends say that they can't find bangles to fit over their hands. I finally figured out the perfect way to make a bangle base (that can fit everyone) with zip ties from the dollar store.  Just cut them to size and tape them together and you're ready to embellish.  These bangles are perfect for stacking and they use up all of your scrap fabrics and leftover beads.  A few of these wrapped up with a fabric bow and you have the perfect gift.

Danielle wearing scrap fabric stackable bangles

Watch the video tutorial here
Large zip ties
Assorted beads
Transparent tape
Thin gage wire (I like 18 gage)
1/2 strips of scrap fabric
Wire cutters (or needle nose pliers that can cut wire)
 Figure out how big you need to make your bangle
Add 1" to the measurement and then tape it together to create your bangle
Cut fabric in 1/2" strips.  I like to cut mine on the bias
Wrap them around the zip tie bangle
 Tie a knot at the end or hot glue the end when you're done wrapping
Cut off about 14" of wire
Wrap it around the bangle about 3 times
Add a bead to the wire and secure the bead in place with more wrapping
Continue wrapping and adding beads all the way around the bangle
Add more wire if you need to 


  1. This is so genius, Mark! What a fantastic idea! And how radiant does Danielle look?
    xo ~ Lia | Smart n Snazzy

  2. This is awesome!! I have the same problem because I have small wrist, pure genius with the zip ties! Thanks a lot for the idea :D

  3. LOVE IT! I guess ribbon might work instead of the fabric?

  4. I absolutely love these! I think you had a video on making them and that got me hooked!

    1. I'm hooked on making them, too. It's the best way to use up my old scraps and mismatched beads.

  5. This is totally rad, and I will absolutely be making some! Great tutorial!

    1. Make tons and give them as gifts. People love getting them!

  6. That's such a great idea & super easy. I would have never thought of using zip ties. ❤️

  7. Once again you have outdone yourself - I apologize for not always writing but I am always following😄

  8. These are really cool, I'm going to try them today :)