Saturday, July 5, 2014

Seahorse Tote Bag DIY

Cities are banning plastic bags so it's time to start creating your tote bag collection for everything from groceries to garden supplies!  This SEAHORSE TOTE BAG diy is perfect for the beach AND it will get you noticed at the supermarket when the summer is over, I guarantee it!  Use the basic tote bag pattern and then decorate them any way you want.  
Just in time for beach weather!

Watch the video tutorial 
3/4 yard of fabric (cotton, twill, canvas)
Sewing machine
Pearls, Googley Eyes
Fish Tanks Rocks (Aquarium Gravel)
 Cut a 20" x 45" piece of fabric for the body of the tote
Cut two 14" x 2" strips for the handles
Stitch the handles lengthwise using 1/4" seam allowance
Turn them inside out with a tube turner (make one with a wire hanger if you don't have one)
Center and pin them 1" below the edge of the the 20" sides of your fabric
 Fold the edge of the fabric twice over the handles and pin in place
Stitch across on the fold
Pin up the handles and stitch them in place
Pin the sides and a 2" pleat a the bottom of the tote
Stitch down the sides of the tote using 1/2" seam allowance
Clean up the edges and secure with E-6000 Fray Lock 
*This will keep the edges from fraying
Print this out if you need some guidance
Fold 10" of freezer paper in half
Trace the seahorse pattern close to the fold
Cut out with a craft knife
Iron the freezer paper on to the tote
Fill in with Peach Silk 
Glue on googley eyes, pearls and fish tank rocks to create the bottom of the tote
Add bubbles with Chick and highlights to the seahorses with Jade

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