Saturday, August 16, 2014

Constallation Organizers DIY

Spaced out at your desk?  Need to get a bit more organized?  Why not recycle a standard shipping box from the post office and make these awesome CONSTELLATION ORGANIZERS!  
My favorite part of this project is the stars made from stick-on gems.  These are perfect to spruce up your office or organize your locker.  
My trio of constellation organizers
These would make Captain James Kirk jealous!
Watch the video tutorial here!
Print out of constellations 
Priority shipping boxes from the post office (or recycled)
Stick-on gems
Craft knife
Assemble the box 
Draw a line from corner to corner with a pencil
Intersect the line 3 1/2" up from the base of the box on each side
Draw a curve where the lines intersect on each side
Repeat on the other side
Connect the 3 1/2" lines on the sides of the box
 Cut along the lines with a craft knife
*This will give you two organizers
Cut an extra piece of cardboard 3 1/2" by the width of your box plus 3"
Score 1 1/2" in on each side and bend to create flaps
Glue the flaps to the inside of the mouth of the box to create an area for pencils
Print in gray scale to save ink
Paint the entire box with Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint in Black Tie
When dry, lightly draw your constellations in pencil
Mark over the lines with a silver Krylon Short Cuts metallic paint marker
Connect the lines with stick-on rhinestones 
Make hundreds of dots with the metallic paint pen to create the night sky

You're done!

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  1. If only I had seen this a few years ago, my boys had a space bedroom and this would have been perfect to help keep them tidy. Maybe it's not too late!