Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Glam Rock Chain Cuffs DIY

Need something a little bit rock and roll to wear out?  Why not whip up some Glam Rock Chain Cuffs to wear on your next night out!  Mix up gold and silver and they'll match everything in your wardrobe.  Use a little ball chain from the hardware store in brass and silver to really spark it up.  Now get out there and rock out!

Danielle rocking her Glam Rock Chain Cuffs
See the video tutorial here!
Flat metal cuffs
E-6000 Glue
Chain in various sizes and metals
Ball chain in silver and brass
Rhinestone chain
Wire cutters
Transparent tape
   Measure and cut the chain to the size of the cuff
Add E-6000 glue to the center of the chain with a toothpick
Place it carefully on the metal cuff exactly in the center
The best glue for jewelry making!
Continue gluing the chains to the center part of your cuff and let dry for 30 minutes
When the center part of the cuff is dry, carefully glue down the ends and secure in place with transparent tape
Let everything dry for at least one hour


  1. Love it! Who would expect something so easy to turn out such beautiful results! Can't wait to try it.
    Great tutorial too.

  2. Great inspiration. love your work. As I am here in Saudi Arabia someone like you gives me a connection. Thank you so much. Your books are not anywhere here that I can get to help a New York lady get back in the swing. I need your books HELP :)