Wednesday, August 6, 2014

9 Easy Place Card DIYs

Want to make your friends feel extra special at your next dinner party?  Why not let them take home their little place card holder as a gift?  These 9 ideas are cheap, cheerful and easy to put together. Hit the dollar store for pieces you can buy in bulk!

My favorite of the lot!
Watch how I put them all together here! 

 Punch card stock circles
Edge with glitter
Punch a small hole for your office rings
Add to the bottom of each wine glass

 With a craft knife, carefully add a slit to the back of small toy animals
Punch out large card stock circles
Insert in the slit

Grab sparkly pieces of jewelry at the dollar store
Add them to name tags with ribbon

 Hot glue feather butterflies and card stock leaves to twigs

Glue plastic men on lids with E-6000 glue
Create flags with card stock and toothpicks
Hot glue them in each hand

 Backyard twigs and card stock leaves make an inexpensive and beautiful place holder

 Using Multi-Surface paint and chalkboard coating, you can write
the name of each guest on their own personal votive holder
Erase and rewrite for the next party

Punch medium and large card stock circles and glue together
Punch a hole for colorful curling ribbon
Wrap around several crayons
Cover your table in white butcher paper or fill it with white paper placemats

Bend small metal forks with pliers
Insert a card stock circle in each 

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